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Grégory Wathelet (BEL)

Grégory Wathelet (BEL)

Originally from the countryside in the Condruzienne region of Belgium, Grégory has always lived among horses. He started his work with horses at the family farm until he finished his studies. Afterwards Grégory independently established and operated his stable from 2000 until 2002.

2001 was the first and last year in which he participated in the young rider circuit, leaving his mark by winning the title of Belgian champion and participating in the European young rider championshipo in Gijon, Spain.

From 2002 to 2005, Grégory held the position of rider for Haras des Hayettes. During this time, Grégory was able to show at the highest level of the sport and join the Belgian team with horses he himself developed to this level. In 2004, Grégory had produced such strong results at the highest level of the sport that in 2005 he began to be ranked within the top 30 riders in the world.

From 2005 to 2007, Grégory joined the Team of riders for Oleksandr Onishchenko, the riding team sponsored by the Ukraine industrial magnate. A condition of the sponsorship was to ride for the Ukraine in international competition… so Grégory changed citizenship. The experience riding for the Ukraine allowed him to garner much experience and maturity as a rider at the top level.

In 2007 he changed his citizenship back to Belgium and in 2008 established his own stables with competitive horses so as to maintain his status at the highest level of the sport for a long time. After years of building this business, Grégory has accomplished this goal by forming a nice string of horses as a result of loyal owners who have put their confidence in Grégory, allowing him to reintegrate himself on the Belgian show jumping team and return to the top levels of the sport.

At the European Championships in Aachen 2015 Grégory won the individual silver medal, his biggest achievement of his riding career to date.

Special results

Vice European Champion 2015

Winner of the Nations Cup Final in Barcelona 2015

Winner of the Grand Prix of the GCT Chantilly 2015

Belgian Champion 2013

Winner of the World Cup qualifier in Mechelen 2011

Winner of the Grand Prix of Oslo 2011

4th place with the team at the World Equestrian Games Championships 2006 in Aachen

French Champion of the 5 year old horses 2003

World Champion, French Champion and Belgian Champion of the 7 year old horses 2003

World Champion of the 6 year old horses 2002

Belgian champion as a young rider 2001


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